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Hi. I'm Lori Wilk,Professional Speaker,Creative Media Marketing, National Business Success Examiner, On-Air Talent

Lori Wilk's Bio:

Lori Wilk was the Creator and Executive Producer of the national television series which aired in 100 US markets as a daily strip, twice daily to 18 million homes called  KID'S TV. Lori's series KID'S TV earned the endoresment of the NEA as positive programming for families, some thing that Lori says is needed today more than ever and Lori will be producing more children's programming. Lori hosts the talk series "Successipes" which features Recipes for Success in Business and Balance Living. Lori's professional speaking has taken her across the USA, the Caribbean, and UK.One of her mottos about Urgency" Now Would Be Fine." -

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Lori Wilk's Interests & Activities:

Marketing, Travel,Social Media Networking, Yard Sales, Yoga, Costume Jewelry,Sportswear and Swimwear Designer

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